Small Business Support

Harbour Rock has a long history of working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our commitment to helping small companies grow is evident in our Small Business Support service. Many small businesses cannot afford back-office support staff to handle paperwork and other administrative tasks. That means that much of that burden will fall on the small business owner. Harbour Rock, along with some well-respected strategic partners, has developed a system to relieve some of that burden.

Small Business Support offers financial advice and IT support to small business clients and not-for-profit entities. Whether we simply act as your coach or whether we assume the responsibility to act as your controller for all your back office requirements, Harbour Rock’s Small Business Support team can design a suite of services custom suited to your needs. By using the power of the Internet and our full-service portal system, you have 24/7 access to your accounting and financial information online – any time, day or night – from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Our relationship with ThomsonReuters allows us to offer NetClient CS portals where you can work in a cloud on a SaaS-based system taking advantage of the same technology that banks and other financial institutions use, to give you around-the-clock online access to our services. Your work is stored in one of the most secure locations available – a Class IV, IBM-certified data center, with built-in backups, secure password protection, and 128-bit encryption. Let us utilize this technology to be your small business IT department.

This IT infrastructure allows us to offer hosted QuickBooks as well as Accounting CS and Client Bookkeeping Solutions. Any of these software titles can be combined and tailored to fulfill your needs. You can have real-time access to your data at the same time that we do. So when you ask a question, we are looking at the same problem and can offer an instant solution.

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and data storage applications like SmartVault and File Cabinet CS are also available to round out your Virtual Client Office. But the Virtual Client Office would not be complete without addressing the burdens of compliance with payroll. If you have employees, we have excellent relationships with myPay Solutions and InsureLinx to offer specialized attention to your payroll and workers compensation issues.

So if you are a small business and you are considering how to handle your back office functions, consider our Small Business Support service and let us show you how we can save you time and money.